How to find a job in Himachal?

A very simple question asked by a Himachali reader of the blog who is outside of Himachal.

I am in US and all I can do is search on Internet and I am unable to find anything on web which is worth putting together as an information which might help this person in his endeavor.

Himachal is becoming a strong Hydro power industry hub. Already almost all major names are in Himachal, Reliance, JayPee industries to name few. Skilled people can visit their websites and find jobs listed in HP.

But the problem is mostly with middle level skilled labor, people who are small machinery operators, computer desktop workers, plant operators, factory workers. I am unable to find much information where I can guide this person. And here we talk to build something for the state and it hurts me, because at one stage we talk about various entrepreneurship skills and on other hand all I see on our around is that all are becoming NGOs, don’t know what is the need?

This seems a good start up joint, any one listening there. Start a Recruiting company in the state, which has main office in Solan area with good links in power plants. There is no need to go to politicians and then taking their recommendation letters and after that requesting company official to honor them.

Why don’t we have a good screening company, which takes applications and roots them back to industry after thorough filtration. I am pretty sure every one would be happy to see such a company grow in Himachal. After all no one really from heart likes to run behind politicians and request for recommendation and then no company likes this culture, which at the end dissuade them dealing with local population. I am pretty sure there is ground level small recruiting companies which are working for low end factory jobs and the need of the hour is to go see their modus operandi and build a strong recruiting agency. For this startup, one thing I can assure, I have enough expertise in job market and I can help logistically and with guidance! Any takers? For the reader to find jobs, this is all I can come up on Internet:

An IT professional for 17 years, based in the US since the last 12 years. Founded NGO My Himachal and then Himachal Media Pvt. Ltd.. A Himachali forever. Always trying to bring together people whose hearts beat for the state.


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