Ivy – The Jinglings


In Ancient Greece wreaths of ivy were used to crown victorious athletes. In Ancient Rome it was believed that a wreath of ivy could prevent a person from becoming drunk, and such a wreath was worn by Bacchus, the god of intoxication, where the plant represents female divinity.

Hidden Costs Of Hydropower – Himdhara


The large hydropower projects of Parbati II, Karccham Wangtoo, Kashang and Bajoli Holi illustrate how landslides, drying up of springs, damages to houses, farms and forests have made difficult the lives and livelihoods of the people in the project area

A View of Pakistan from a Golf Course and Elsewhere


“Pakistan,” he said “Is a country without heroes. There are only two real ‘home-grown’ ones, Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Imran Khan. For others, we have either to borrow them from India and deny our shared heritage or turn to the wealthier and not necessarily desirable images from other nations.”