[A woman besides giving birth to a baby; also cradles a baby dream, nourishing it with the nutrients that she can barely afford and witnessing her creation multiplying manifold. This poem celebrates the spirit of womanhood as the harbinger of hope, peace and love!!!]


How does a woman live every day?


She nurses a muse

A baby inside

She’d beg, borrow, steal….

Doesn’t matter as long as it’s in the womb!


Knits a tale of…

Tiny feet, dancing on the beat of anklets

Lips, unstoppable, imitating hers, ‘Maa’

Eyes, twinkling, generating interest-

And then; one day….

Emerges her offspring

The fruit of all toil

Feet, lips, eyes…

Immobile, grim and closed…

She’s the giver

Gently placing her heart on hers’

Gifts her a beat

The baby cries….

The world applauds…

That’s how a woman lives every day!

With dreams, labour and its happy fruit!!!!

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