Workshop on Kathkuni Architecture of Himachal Pradesh grips attendees from Odisha

Kullu: Himachal Pradesh has a rich cultural heritage in every aspect whether it is local delicacies, traditional attires, festivals, or architecture. “Kathkuni” an architectural style of the state is well known for its earthquake resistance.

To provide knowledge about this architectural style, a two-day long workshop was held at Naggar of district Kullu. Where students from KIIT School of Architecture and Planning (KSAP) Bhubaneswar Odisha learn the integers of this house-building technique. An enriching Kathkuni workshop was held collaboratively by The Himalayan Brothers Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (HBTACH) and KSAP.

Under the guidance of expert craftsman Master Ses Ram Thakur students gained practical knowledge on the topic. In the workshop, participants delved into the traditional methods of constructing Kathkuni models, blending new and old design elements to create beautiful and innovative structures.

Anshuman and Shreya attending the workshop said, “The hands-on experience allows all students to gain a deeper understanding of this earthquake-resistant architectural style. Which is renowned for its use of interlocking wooden beams and stones without nails or joints, even without any mortar.”


Arnav and Krishan, faculty members also appreciated the workshop and said “In practical sessions, students explore the historic houses of Naggar, gaining insights into the rich cultural heritage and architectural significance of the region. The workshop not only enhances the technical skills of students but also fosters a profound appreciation for the traditional craftsmanship that has been preserved for generations.”

At the end of the workshop, all participants expressed their satisfaction and excitement, highlighting the invaluable lessons learned and the beauty of their completed models. This study trip was organized by ExplorArchi @explorarchi, a dedicated team of architects, engineers, and professionals passionate about travel and architecture.


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