Students from CEPT University Immerse in Kullvi traditional crafts

Kullu : Art is not a handicraft, it is the transmission of feeling the artist has experienced”, quote by Leo Tolstoy.  No matter, how many changes and developments the time has seen so far but the above quote by Leo Tolstoy about art and handicrafts always suits well.

Students from CEPT (Centre for Environmental Planning and Technology) University, Ahmedabad, have embarked on a cultural and educational journey to Naggar, Himachal Pradesh to participate in a workshop. The workshop aimed to provide students with hands-on experience in various traditional crafts unique to the Kullu region. This workshop was hosted by Kullvi Whims Studio.

During their time here, the students learnt deeply and thoroughly about the intricacies of knitting, Kullu weave, wool spinning, and natural dyeing techniques. They are also gained  insights into the value chain of gaddi wool and learning the art of mud plastering under the guidance of talented local artisans. Led by skilled women artisans, the students had immersed in the rich heritage of local traditional crafts’ techniques passed down through generations.

Expressing their enthusiasm, the students shared their joy at being a part of the workshop, where they didn’t only learnt new skills but also gained a deeper appreciation for the cultural significance of traditional crafts.

Aatami Sanghavi, a student of CEPT University said that all students had learnt about the process of knitting, weaving and embroidery and different patterns of local woollen attires. They also surprised to know that how beautifully and efficiently local artisans use natural dyes for traditional woollen dresses.

Bhrigu Raj Acharya , head of the The Kullvi Whims Studio says, “that workshop served as a platform for cultural exchange, as students engaged in hands-on learning while also contributed to the preservation and promotion of traditional crafts. The workshop underscored the importance of preserving and celebrating indigenous crafts, fostering collaboration between urban and rural communities and nurturing the next generation of artisans and craft enthusiasts.

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