Two Held At Chandigarh Airport With Gold Worth Rs 83 Lakhs

Chandigarh: The Customs officials at Chandigarh Airport have arrested two persons for allegedly smuggling gold worth Rs 83 lakh in a cigarette pack, officials said on Wednesday.

12 gold biscuits seized by Customs Officials

A senior customs official said that the accused was held based on profiling, adding that both the accused arrived at Chandigarh Airport from Dubai.

“We checked their luggage which led to the detection of 12 gold biscuits weighing 1400 grams valued at Rs 83 lakhs. They were smuggling it in a cigarette pack,” said the official.

The recovered gold was confiscated under the provisions of Section 110 of the Customs Act, and the passengers were subsequently arrested under Section 104 of the Customs Act.

Further investigation into the matter is on.

Courtesy: “IANS”

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