Ladakh L-G Says Not An Inch Of Indian Territory Occupied By Chinese

Jammu: Ladakh Lt. Governor, Brigadier B.D. Mishra said on Monday that the Chinese Army has not occupied an inch of Indian territory in the union territory.

Ladakh Lt. Governor, Brigadier B.D. Mishra

Speaking to media persons who asked him to comment on Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s statement that the Chinese have occupied large areas of Indian territory in Ladakh, Mishra said, “I don’t want to comment on anybody’s statement.

“But, I want to make a statement of facts.

“I don’t know whatever might have happened in 1962, but what I have seen with my own eyes, today not a square inch of our territory is occupied by the Chinese in Ladakh.

“Our troops are in occupation of our territory to the last inch.

“Our armed forces are fully prepared to meet any eventuality and God forbid if the balloon goes up, people will get a bloody nose.”

Courtesy: “IANS”

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