Over 90 % Trained Teachers Fail Himachal Teachers Test

Teachers fail teachers test

Dharamshala: Poor quality of teachers training being imparted in many institutes that have been set up in the state was reflected in the result of Teacher Eligibility Test conducted by HP School Education Board that was declared today.

In the results made public Dr Vishal Sharma, secretary of the school education board, in a statement announced that of the 34,546 Trained Graduate Teachers (Arts), who appeared for the Teachers Eligibility Test held in February, only 2129 teachers were able to pass the examination.

As a percent, only 6.16 percent Trained Graduate Teachers (Arts) of the candidates who appeared for the test have passed.

Of the 4993 Trained Graduate Teachers (Medical) who appeared for the test, only 461 (9.23%) qualified.


For Trained Graduate Teachers (Non Medical) the pass result was 36.36 %.

A Teacher Eligibility Test is conducted for all candidates who have attained a Bachelors in Education (B Ed) qualification but have to pass the test so as to be considered for job in government schools.

Where the TGT results for most trained graduate teachers was poor, that of Junior Basic Trained Teachers (JBT) was much better with the pass percent being 61.45%.

For Shashtri teacher candidates the pass result was 50.56% and that of language teachers is was 36.40 percent, the statement showed.

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