Men And Horses Never Get Old !

Saying that something “never gets old”- is positive. Had it been in human hands, nobody would like to grow old and die. But the bitter truth of life is that all that is born is transient and temporary, so is a fact that we grow old; but how gracefully?

Some stop living and just continue existing-they grow old. They do not merely work to live, they live simply to work. Young ones experience life and anticipate tomorrow. Adults see their best years behind them- stop living in the present, and they grow old.

Perception is everything; the viewpoint can be the difference between happiness and misery.

  • Unfortunately, men do get old, but not as old as women get. In the past, it was a norm for older men to marry women younger than them. Even today, it is more likely to find an older man than equality in age or an older wife. A recent study, however, found that, at least in the online dating world, women reach peak desirability around age 18, and men peak at age 50.

Perhaps, men tend to look more distinguished as they get older and that appeals to younger women as well as older. I wonder if the notion that men get more attractive with age is true; though many men do get better looking with age. It’s as if they “grow into” their looks. The way they carry themselves makes them more attractive than a lot of younger men. A mature-looking man also has an air of confidence about him.

I never really grew up. Well, I got married and raised a family and worked to make certain that my family was well-to-do, but I never really attained ‘adulthood’. I seriously doubt that I’ll ever be an adult; and then who needs it? I am lucky to have the right life partner, who loves me more than I love myself.

  • Humans have always yearned for longevity and have even tried to attain immortality. The book Hyojun Soshikigaku (Standard Histology) says: “It is a great mystery how the aging of cells is related to the aging and death of an individual.” In the olden days, Chinese emperors tried so-called elixirs of life—made from mercury—and died!

Around the globe, people believe that death is not the end of their existence. Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, and others all have bright hopes for a life after death. In Christendom, many envisage an afterlife of heavenly bliss. Concepts of happiness after death reflect a longing for eternal life.

All we have is now. Yesterday is a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision. Keeping learning and growing as a person, not ever thinking one knows enough; is the philosophy to stay younger.

  • People can tend to get hard nuts as they age. Their opinions often stiffen along with their bodies. Cultivating flexibility in the mind and body is the key to making one feel younger. Every day we’re alive is another chance to learn something new, experience something new, and feel something new

In old age one is virtually left alone; even the children feel unconcerned-taking you a mere observer rather than a participant anymore. But who stops me from pursuing my hobbies or indulging in social work- finding some fruitful purpose in life? Travel and reading and music too keep me lively and cheerful. Men can also remain immature their entire lives. – contributing to the “never getting old” theory.

During Shakespeare’s time, it was quite okay to treat old people as “senile.” Though it is easier said than done, still I can try my best to avoid depression.

  • Horses are considered social and highly sensitive animals that can pick up on the emotions and intentions of those around them. They can continue to function for extended periods without becoming fatigued. They are also able to rest while standing up, remaining alert and ready to move. Despite their impressive endurance, horses do get tired and require rest and recovery periods just like any other animal or man. They are living beings with their own needs and desires, and deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

To the Tibetans, the horse represents a very sacred animal, thought to be a spiritual communicator, messenger, and carrier. It symbolizes stamina, endurance, beauty, elegance, and freedom and will bring these things to the owner. The Tibetan name is “Tasso” meaning Wind horse #.

When horses grow old to the extent that they have no ‘quality of life’ – they are euthanized by either – Injection or gun.

It is normal to feel upset, not to feel embarrassed about showing our emotions.

Life is a precious gift that is too short to waste. I feel as if I have lived every moment; challenged myself mentally and physically a little each day. Is it that I will never grow old this way; even though I age? There is always more to learn. I wonder if I always trust my instincts, and don’t overwhelm myself!

The Supreme Court of India recognized Euthanasia and the Right to Die with Dignity as a fundamental right in 2018 followed by 2023 modified guidelines.


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