Amazing Itinerary Tips for Your Europe Trip in 2022

Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or plan international trips once a year, Europe must have caught your attention at some point in time. Europe is a big continent that amasses some of the most beautiful countries in the world. From Italy to Switzerland, Germany to Croatia- over 40 countries in the continent can be explored. If you’re always looking for unique yet serene travel destinations, you can easily find one in Europe. You just have to filter the countries based on your travel goals and desire.

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We have something incredible for you if you’ve finally shortlisted a country or two from the European continent. To make your trip memorable, we’ve curated an epic list of tips that will make your entire Europe vacation smooth and worthwhile. Irrespective of the European country you’ve chosen, these tips will guide you in the right direction. So let’s explore the tips shared below.

1. Choose the Best Time/Season to Travel to Europe

People who want to enjoy a fuss-free and fascinating European holiday should pick the ideal season for travel. Although you can find tourists flocking to Europe throughout the year, the best time is generally considered to be the off-season. Summers in Europe is the peak season, and you can find overcrowded tourist destinations, spiking hotel rates, and long queues wherever you go. The same can be the case around Christmas and New Year. So try to schedule your vacation at any time besides these two timestamps. It will ensure you enjoy the beauty of Europe minus the overcrowding and high fares on almost everything.

2. Apply for Visa on Time

If you have chosen a country located within the Schengen area in Europe or want to travel to multiple European countries on a single tourist visa, you will have to apply for a timely Schengen tourist visa. No matter how excellent preparation you have done for the trip, failure to get the visa approved on time can halt your entire trip. A Schengen visa from India can be obtained by visiting the Schengen visa embassy website and filling out the necessary form. You can also get it done via a travel agent. Since the visa approval process takes time, it is recommended to apply for the visa at least 3 months before the scheduled travel date.

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3. Get an International Travel Card from an Indian Bank

Wise use of foreign currency is crucial for any successful international trip, and Europe is no exception. A mistake some tourists make is exchanging currency at the airport. It is always on the expensive side and should be avoided at all costs. If you’re traveling to Europe, you can ask your local bank to issue you an international travel card loaded with Euros to ensure a smooth trip. Since MasterCard, American Express, and Visa are accepted in most places in Europe, these cards will help you make easy payments as you start your journey.

4. Learn Some Local Lingo

Europe is too big a continent, comprising over 40 countries. The demographic, characteristics, language, food, and people also widely vary from country to country. Hence, it becomes essential to learn some basic lingo of the country you’re visiting. Never assume that everyone in the European continent knows English. If you’re going to Italy, learning a few common Italian phrases would go a long way in making your trip a pleasant one. The same applies to any other European country you’ve decided to visit.

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5. Pre-book Hotel & Flight Tickets in Advance

If you take a pretty close look at the flight and hotel pricing over a period, you will notice the price increases as you approach the desired travel date. Hence, if you want to enjoy a premium experience by booking the best accommodation and round-trip flight tickets, make sure you book the flight and accommodation at least three months in advance. The earlier you book the travel tickets, the more affordable the costs will be. You can also look for coupons or deals available online to lower the costs further.

6. Get an International Travel Insurance

Although getting travel insurance is not mandatory to visit any European country, it certainly helps the person traveling in various ways. Traveling to a new place can bring along particular challenges that you were not prepared for. For example, your baggage can get lost, you may lose your passport, you can meet a medical emergency, and a lot more. If you have good international travel insurance by your side, you will be covered for most things. Travelers mostly spend on travel insurance to protect themselves financially against unpleasant experiences or events covered in the policy.

7. Avoid Carrying too Many Clothes/Accessories

While you might want to look your best during your European trip, you should try to control the urge to carry too many clothes/accessories. There are two reasons for it. One, you have a chance of increasing the baggage limit permitted by the airline, and two, you would have to drag a heavy load throughout your trip. If you decide to shop for something from the local stores, your luggage won’t have enough space to accommodate the purchases. You can avoid it all by packing less and traveling light.

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Look for Group Tours/Guided Tours

If you want to explore more in less time, you should take the help of a local. Various local guides organize group tours covering a set number of popular locations. They don’t only show you around but also explain the historical significance of most places you visit. It lets you know the area better than what you have explored alone. Professional tour guides know which places deserve your time and attention, so they take care of the tour planning, ensuring your only job is to enjoy the place. You can book group tours/guided tours online for any European country you like.

8. Try Eating More at Small Eateries

You cannot skip trying their authentic cuisine when traveling to an international location. But eating all your meals in plush restaurants or at the hotel’s restaurant you’re staying in can be very expensive. Hence to ensure you get to enjoy the local, authentic dishes without going over budget, try to eat all your meals in small eateries. Look for food stalls or small licensed eateries that serve delicious yet affordable meals. You may not find many such eateries online, so ask the locals for a recommendation.

9. Don’t Copy Other’s Itinerary

Traveling should always be a personal, life-enriching experience. And it can be achieved by planning a trip that best aligns with your desires and travel goals. The internet is full of long travel itineraries to different European countries, but you shouldn’t copy those without assessing your likes and interests. You can always use those guides as a reference and make modifications according to your liking. It will help ensure you’re ready with a travel itinerary you like and are looking forward to cherishing.

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Get a Vacation Worth Remembering

International travels are expensive and require considerable time and effort during the planning and preparation stage. But if you have the right, definitive guidance, you can achieve more in less time. If you follow all the tips discussed above, you’ll eliminate most of the travel challenges that occasional travelers face before and during their travel. So take a note of all that has been shared above, and plan accordingly for maximum benefits.

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