Himachal Makes Changes In Industrial Policy

Shimla: To suit a demand raised by industry, the government here today announced changes in State Industry Policy – 2019. It redefined anchor enterprises as the first industrial enterprise in a notified industrial area or first such unit outside an industrial area in a particular development block of a district with minimum fixed capital investment.

A spokesperson of the Department of Industry said that the State Government had notified the Himachal Pradesh Industrial Investment Policy, 2019 on 16th August, 2019 to provide incentives, concessions and facilities for Promotion of Investment in the State. Major incentives include 50 per cent subsidy towards cost of detail project report, 3 per cent interest subvention, 50 per cent assistance for transportation of Plant and Machinery, 3.5 per cent Transport subsidy, 50 per cent assistance for quality certification, 25 per cent assistance for setting up of Effluent Treatment Plant, 50-90 per cent Net SGST reimbursement etc. for MSME, Large and anchor enterprises.

Enterprises with minimum fixed capital investment of Rs. 200 crore and employing minimum 200 bonafide Himachal residents would fall under Category A. Enterprises with minimum fixed capital investment of Rs. 150 crore and employing minimum 150 Bonafide Himachal residents would fall under Category B.

Enterprises with minimum fixed capital investment of Rs. 100 crore and employing minimum 100 Bonafide Himachal residents would fall under Category C.

He said that Cost accountants were also included in the definition of consultant. Sunset clause for providing incentives under Policy extended from 31st December, 2022 upto 31st December, 2025. The eligible enterprise for availing SGST reimbursement who could not claim due to pending assessment of net SGST by the Excise & Taxation Department could apply upto 31st December, 2022. He said that 5 per cent reservation of land/plots/sheds shall be done where such land is to be used for the purpose of setting up of enterprise by person(s) with Disability either individually or collectively in new notified Industrial Areas. Existing as well as new Enterprises providing 5 per cent employment to the persons with benchmark disability in total work force would be eligible for additional incentive of Rs.1000 per month per such employee for a period of 03 years, he added.

The spokesperson said that new development blocks Shri Naina Devi Ji, Bali Chowki, Dhanotu, Nihri, Churag, Totu, Kupvi, Kothkhai, Tilordhar added in category B areas of the state. Skill Development Centre, Health Infrastructure, Hospital, Common Effluent Treatment Plant, Sewage Treatment Plant, Distribution of universally design, consumer product and accessories for general use of persons with disabilities also included in the list of specified category of service activities, he added.

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