Pre-arrival Registration for Indians Passport Holders Makes Travel To Hong Kong Easier

Hong Kong – a fascinating metropolis

Hong Kong, the financial hub of Asia with a captivating skyline, is by far the most popular tourist city in China. Holding a diverse set of people together, the city binds traditional cultures and modernity, something that many travelers from India will easily relate to.

Be it for tourism, shopping or business, Hong Kong as a Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) under The People’s Republic of China is a thriving harbour city. Synergies with Mainland China and engagement with global supply chains fuels its economy.

With 58 million people visiting Hong Kong in 2017, it certainly is a year-round tourist hot spot.

City view of Kowloon, Hong Kong Island, and the Hong Kong skyline (Photo: Wikipedia)

Essential documents for Indian passport holders to enter Hong Kong

For the Indian nationals travel to Hong Kong got easier after the introduction of pre-arrival registration (PAR).

PAR is a Hong Kong transit visa that is obtained by applying for it online.

When an Indian passport holder arrives in Hong Kong, the immigration clearing desk will check for the necessary documentation. The documents that one must have are:

  • A valid Indian Passport (Passport details must match those of the Hong Kong PAR issued)
  • Print copy of the PAR
  • All Indian Passport holders also have to fill an ‘Arrival/Departure Card’ when entering or leaving HKSAR

All Indian nationals during their stay in Hong Kong are required to carry a copy of Pre-arrival Registration (PAR) at all times

Pre-Arrival Registration (PAR)

PAR is a facility that provides hassle-free travel to HKSAR for Indians. The earlier facility of visa-on-arrival is no longer available for Indian citizens. Also, one no longer needs to visit an Embassy or a Consulate to apply for a visa.

On January 23, 2017, the Hong Kong Immigration Department announced that Indian Citizens desiring to visit Hong Kong would have to apply and get registered through an online pre-arrival registration process.

To complete the PAR online application, one has to fill in the passport information with other personal details

Hong Kong authorities do caution about applying early for a PAR as it can take anywhere between 4 to 6 weeks to get processed. However, mostly the application does get processed within 24 hours.

PAR once issued is valid for 6 months. An Indian passport holder can visit Hong Kong as many times as she/he wishes during the 6-month PAR duration, but a single visit must not exceed 14 days.

Indian citizens with a PAR are not allowed to work in Hong Kong.

The Hong Kong Island skyline, viewed from the Victoria Harbour waterfront. (Photo: Wikipedia)

Procedure for seeking a Hong Kong PAR

All information entered when applying for a PAR must be truthful and accurate. The passport details entered much match those of the physical passport. Any wrong information entered can lead to the PAR being denied.

All successful applications are informed with – Notification Slip for Pre-arrival Registration for Indian Nationals. A print copy of this notification on A4 Paper, duly signed, must always be part of essential documents to be carried along when visiting Hong Kong.

The notification slip of a minor (under 16 years of age), should be checked for correct data entry on the PAR by a parent or a legal guardian before signing it on the child’s behalf.

On arrival in Hong Kong, if any discrepancy or mismatch is found in the information on the PAR and the Passport, entry by the border control authority can be denied.

If the Passport expires, is lost, or gets damaged, one will have to replace it by getting a new passport issued. To travel to Hong Kong with a new or replaced passport, one will also have to reapply for a new PAR, by filling in the details of the new passport for the documentation.

Should one not be in a position to obtain a PAR in time, she/he can apply for an entry visa for Hong Kong.

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