For Oman Visa On Arrival Or Online e-Visa ?

An Omani oasis (Photo: Wikipedia)

Oman – Raw Coastlines, Large Dunes & Heritage Forts

Strategically located on the sea trade routes between Europe – Africa and Arabia – Iran – India; Oman, on the south-eastern coast of the Arabian peninsula, is a travelers delight.

Rugged mountains that rise to over 9000 feet, vast expanses of desert with large dunes and miles of uninhabited coastlines dotted with old historic forts are the country’s most striking geographical and cultural landmarks.

Jalali and Mirani forts, dated to the early 16th century used to guard the entry into Muscat Bay and the 13th-century Bahla Fort, at the foot of Djebel Akhdar mountains, is a UNSECO World Heritage Site.

Muscat, a major port and commercial center, is the capital of the country. The city blends traditional architecture with the modern and commands a scenic view of the Gulf of Oman.

Does Oman grant Visa On Arrival ?

Travelers should check out Oman visa requirements before drawing up travel plans for the country.

Earlier, citizens of many countries which included European Union Nations, Australia, Japan, USA were eligible for visa on arrival at Muscat airport and at select border points, but the facility has since been discontinued.

In November 2019, the Oman authorities put new regulations in place that required all foreign nationals to obtain an Omani visa in advance. Since then visa on arrival is only granted in exceptional cases and not to any traveler wanting to visit Oman.

Travelers should apply for an electronic visa before confirming travel plans to ensure easy and comfortable access to the country.

However, citizens of Gulf Cooperation Countries which include Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and others are exempted from the need for a visa.

Muscat (Photo: Wikipedia)

Oman Visa on Arrival replaced with eVisa

To simplify entry into the country, Oman introduced the online eVisa facility in March 2018.

Anyone wanting to visit the country simply needs to fill out the online application form, providing personal details along with the details on the passport that she/he holds.

It needs to kept in mind that the passport should have a 6-month validity from the date that one intends to visit Oman.

The online eVisa application is usually processed within 24 hours, but in some cases may take a longer time.

Notification of the eVisa approval is communicated through email.

An Oman eVisa permits either a stay of up to 30 days as a single entry or as a multiple entry visa with the total number of days stay in the country not exceeding 30 days in a year.

Those wanting to stay for longer periods have to apply for a regular visa at an Omani embassy or consulate.

Advantage of eVisa over Oman Visa on Arrival

A Oman visa on arrival visitor often used to face difficulty in booking a flight seat because the airline operator demanded a visa entry for doing so. With an eVisa, flight bookings with airline operators to Oman become easier.

The Visa on Arrival facility often used to hold up the visitor at the Muscat arrival terminal because of the long queues that the immigration authorities had to process at short notice.

By presenting a printed copy of the eVisa, along with the passport, a traveler’s entry into Oman is seamless/

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