Tourist Mother, Son Taking Selfie Washed Away In Beas River

Manali: Trying to capture a selfie with the fast-flowing River Beas for a backdrop cost a woman and her young son their life here on Tuesday.

District police chief Gurdev Singh stated that 37-year-old Priti Bhasin and her 12 year old son along with family members were on the river bank clicking pictures when the incident happened.

Stepping up closer to the river flow, the two were attempting to click a selfie near the riverside hotel that they had checked into at Bhang village when they slipped and fell into the river. The family had arrived at the tourist resort on Tuesday from Delhi.

A hotel employee who noticed the duo drowning, dived into the river and made an effort to save them but was unable to do so.

Bodies of the victims were recovered about 4 kilometers downstream of the place where the accident happened.

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