SJVN Conducts Ceremonial Blast For Dam – Power House Of Luhri Project

Nirath (Shimla): Targeting to commission the 210 MW Luhri Project by 2025, SJVN – the public sector power company, on Saturday conducted the ceremonial blast of the dam and the powerhouse site.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Nand Lal Sharma, Chairman & Managing Director, SJVN said, “an integrated river basin development approach is the best strategy for harnessing hydro energy for it makes an optimum use of resources and brings about the overall development of the region.”

A 40-ton bailey bridge with a 40-meter span on River Satluj for construction of the project at Nirath (about 100 Km from Shimla) was also inaugurated on the occasion.

Mr Nand Lal Sharma, CMD, SJVN Inaugurates the Web-Based Monitoring System at LHEP-1

To oversee the project construction on a real-time basis, a web-based monitoring system at the project site has been installed.

Project head Mr Roshan Lal Negi, on the occasion made a presentation about corporate social responsibility activities undertaken by the management in the project impact area.

He said, “SJVN has already spent Rs 18 crore on health, education & skill development, women empowerment, sustainable development, protection of national heritage and rural development verticals.”

The 210 MW hydropower Luhri dam stage-1 project being constructed at Nirath, downstream of the Rampur project, has the potential to generate 758 million units of electricity annually.

SJVN’s current portfolio of over 9000 MW has 2016.5 MW in operation, 3156 MW is under construction and the remaining 4046 MW projects in the order pipeline are in various stages of obtaining construction clearances.

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