Long Distance Runner Kieren D’Souza Crosses 2 High Altitude Passes To Complete 126 Km Run

Manali: The ultra distance runner Kieren D Souza established a Fastest Known time record by running the “Triple Trouble Circuit” that goes across 2 Himalayan mountain passes at 4200m/14,000 feet in a 126 kms loop. Starting at 00:00 am (midnight) on 5th September, D Souza reached the finish line at 6:55pm, taking a total of 18 hours and 55 minutes to achieve the ground breaking feat.

The route taken by Kieren D’Souza for the 126 Km Run

Talking to media persons in Manali he said that his background belonged to a defense forces family, he has lived across the country, before finally deciding to settle in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. He has been running professionally for over ten years and represents on the Indian National Team for the sport of Ultra and Trail Running. Living in Manali helped him practice on the rugged Himalayan terrain and bring about innovations in the sport of running through cross disciplinary interaction with mountaineering.

The course of the Triple Trouble Run started from Manali, climbing upto Sethan village, crossing over the Hamta pass, landing in Chattru village in Lahaul valley, then climbing upto Rohtang pass and to Manali. The route combines the Hamta Pass Trek, and a section of the Leh-Manali highway that crawls over the Rohtang pass at 4000m. Hamta Trek, which starts from Sethan village near Manali and ends in Chattru village of Lahaul and Spiti valley, is a popular one attracting adventure seeker from all over the country.

Trekkers usually take 5 days to cross over the Hampta pass at 4000m, which is also the nitty-gritty of the route. In the recent years trekking and adventure activities have become resource intensive, having a significant environmental impact on the sensitive ecology of the Himalayas.

Long distance runner Kieren D’Souza took 18 hours 55 minutes to complete the 126 Km run

By completing the entire 126kms loop on foot, D Souza wanted to set an example for self sustainable and low impact adventure tourism. At the same time draw the public attention towards the sport of ultra running and the athletic potential locked in the youth of the country that can be harnessed to set global standards in sports.

D Souza’s motivation for such bold feats lies in spreading the message of environmental sustainability in the Himalayas by promoting low impact adventure travel. He is also driven to promote the sport of ultra running in India, developing the country’s true potential. By his record setting feats D Souza wishes to get India the global recognition it deserves, in the field of adventure sports

SDM Manali Raman Gharsangi said that the running man D Souza has covered the distance of 126 kms in 8 Hrs 55 Min. He is first person to complete this trail in record time of 18 hr 55 min by crossing two mountain passes.

Col Neeraj Rana, Director, Atal Bihari Vajpayee Institute of mountaineering sport said that D Souza has completed Triple Trouble run ( Manali- Chatru- Manali) Sky Running Marathon (126Kms ) on 5th September, 2020 in the time if 18 hours 55 Minutes.

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