The Satanic Cult of Xi Jinping

After China’s biological attack on the world with China Virus and Beijing’s moves to profit financially and strategically from the death, destruction and misery caused by the pandemic, many write ups named Xi Jinping 21st Century Hitler. But Hitler criticized atheism and remained member of the Catholic Church till his end though he progressively distanced himself from it in later years. He also directed Goering and Goebbels to remain members of the church. Compare this to Xi, a born atheist, scarred for life when his father Xi Zhongxun, a communist revolutionary and close associate of Mao Zhedong, was ruthlessly purged by China’s Communist Party (CPC) and died a broken man.

This obsessive compulsive disorder led Xi to accumulate total power unto himself, ruthlessly throttle dissent at home and abroad, and project himself Messiah of all religions – reawakened Satan to remodel and destroy beliefs and religions. Cunningly he has also added religion to the Chinese concept of ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ for furthering China’s strategic interests. His recent focus is to attack Hinduism. Hindu temples in China were converted to Buddhist temples long back, even the Kaiyuan Temple (Quanzhou) in China known as Hindu-Buddhist temple only has statues of Buddha. But Pakistan obliged by demolishing a Hindu temple in Karachi perhaps on Beijing’s request. Now Xi has desecrated Hindu religious sites near Mount Kailash (abode of Lord Shiva) by deploying PLA and missiles at Lake Mansarovar, a place of religious importance to Hindus travelling for pilgrimage. Xi’s latest mascot, KP Sharma Oli heading Nepal, is busy propagating Lord Ram was Nepalese and real Ayodhya was in Nepal, not India.

China’s war against traditional religions of Buddhism and Taoism and genocide on Tibetans resembles China’s Cultural Revolution. Numerous Buddhist temples have been shut, destroyed or converted to prisons. Religious statues were forcibly destroyed sometimes using explosives. Scores of monks and youth have self-immolated in protests. Up to a million Tibetans have been killed or disappeared since the invasion and forcible occupation of Tibet. The crackdown against Buddhist venues, symbols and culture is intensifying; even protected historical and cultural sites are not spared. Having completely bought over Oli, Xi will likely secure treaty for extradition of Tibetan refugees in Nepal, which he has sought since long. Xi’s Sinicization of Buddhism wil be complete by installing a Chinese version Dalai Lama. Tibetans have been ordered to replace images of Dalai in their homes, temples and monasteries with portraits of Xi and Mao. Yet China had illegally claims Tawang Plateau in India on pretext that Tibetans worshipped at Tawang Monastery.

China’s genocide against Uighurs in Xinjiang and its Auschwitz-like concentration camps termed reeducation camps are well known. Torture, disappearances and killings are routine, as are rapes and systematic forcible sterilization Uighur women or marriages to Han Chinese. US Customs and Border Protection recently seized 13 tons products made from human hair suspected to be forcibly removed from imprisoned Uighur in Xinjiang evoking a chilling reminder of Auschwitz. China achieved a new low by demolishing a mosque in Atush region of Xinjiang and building public toilets on the same land. Demolition of Weizhou Grand Mosque (Chinese: ??????) in Tongxin County, Wuzhong City, Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, China is next on the agenda which attracted widespread protests in 2018-2019 but it is just a matter of time when Xi issues the order. There is not a squeak from radical Muslim countries like Pakistan and Turkey against China’s treatment of Uighurs who are Muslims.

China’s persecution of Christians includes burning of Bibles, jailing pastors, removing crosses, desecrating and demolition of churches and blocking online Christian sites. On June 12, 2020, Chinese officials stormed the Sunzhuang Church in Henan province of China and demolished it taking one church member into custody and beat up two women. China has created the ‘Church of Almighty God’ or ‘Eastern Lightening’ cult and the New Testament is replace by a Chinese-version Bible called ‘The Word Appears in the Flesh’. The cult established by Zhao Weishan is reportedly involved in kidnappings, murders and “infiltrating church organizations at home and abroad” including in the USA. The cult believes Jesus has resurrected as a Chinese woman who the cult worships. Obviously, the cult has blessings of the CPC without which it couldn’t have survived. The cult has already recruited 300-400 youth from Nagaland in India adding them to whatsapp groups for indoctrination and brainwashing.

Xi Jinping has promoted his Satanic Cult since he became President. China’s State Administration for Religious Affairs set up in 1961 allowed five religious organizations to exist under the state control in a “Party-sanctioned form” – Buddhism, Taoism, Islam, Protestantism and Catholicism. Under Xi’s rule during 2015, CPC introduced the term “Sincization” calling all Muslim, Buddhist and Christian leaders to fuse their religions “with Chinese socialist thought”. What colors Xi’s Satanic Cult will show in future is not known but the CPC appears synonymous to the demons of Kalyug in Hindu mythology signaling beginning of the destruction of the planet which is not surprising with China proving itself a threat to humanity by firing the China Virus. Some speculate that nature will extract its revenge beginning with bursting of the 3-Gorges Dam but the world may have to fight Xi Jinpng and his demons through a Mahavishwa War of 21st Century – a la Mahabharat.

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  1. says: Gregory Swetra

    Yes, you are correct sir. China is under the rule is the actual devil. He is doing things that have, are and will continue to surpass any evil in any point in history times 1,000. He is the beast. The big room of he constituents clap to his every word because the life of their families, their own lives and the lives of their relatives and even their pets depends on literally sucking the penis of satin and swallowing his sperm load of false speech, false actions, genocide, dictatorship and the demonic trail and true stories of his infinite evil. The smallest mind with a microscopic view of the beast and his actions instantly points to every historic figure of mass murder, narcissistic personality disorder, mass insanity and mind control and the list of his sins against the world had no end and cannot end until a nuclear weapon strikes this worthless filth directly on top of his devil, satin , monster, torturing, beastly, retarded head.

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