Dalai Lama To Hold Bodhichitta Ceremony

Dalai Lama live webcast

Dharamshala: On full moon day, June 5, at 9 a.m., Indian Standard Time the Dalai Lama is to hold the Bodhichitta Ceremony at his residence in Mecleodganj. The ceremony will be live web-telecast to the entire Tibetan community, Buddhist organisations and the large number of followers the exiled spiritual leader of Tibet has around the world.

Tseten Sandip Chhoekyapa, an devotee in the Dalai Lama office here said, “every year, the full moon day of the Saka Dawa month (in accordance with the Tibetan calendar) is a very auspicious occasion when a public Ceremony for Eight Mahayana Precepts (Vows) is done here at Thekchen Choeling , the dominating Tibetan Temple at McLeod Ganj. “

“For the occasion, this year His Holiness the Dalai Lama will be doing a live webcast of the Ceremony for Generating Bodhichitta on the full moon day from his residence,”said Tseten.

He added that those interested may take part in it through the live webcast on various internet channels in Tibetan and other languages on the said date & time.

“Devotees and followers are requested to follow social distancing rules while viewing the live webcast,” he added.

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