Top 5 Tips for True Gentlemen


You all know that determination, firmness of convictions, courteous manners, dedication to work, as well as the ability to create your image are necessary features of every gentleman. But in life, everything is not so simple. Behind the desire to develop these extremely attractive qualities in yourself may be a false attitude, a stable stereotype that is not conducive to, but, on the contrary, hinders the creation of trusting relations with others. It will not be superfluous to check whether you are using your “gentleman’s set” correctly:

  1.   Keep promises or don’t promise

A gentleman has to respect the time of others. If you agree to meet with someone at 2 p.m, then, you can’t be late. When you tell people that you can help, then prove it. When you promise that you will have a project completed by a specific date, meet deadlines. Men who keep their word don’t promise anything if they understand they can’t do it. This builds trust between you and other people and also helps start trusting yourself. It is a really important trait for a man.

  1.   Don’t complain

Do you need tips for relationships? Look, don’t try to ever complain to your woman about life or other people. Everything is always wonderful and best for you. You must radiate vital energy. If you feel that you are tired, then it’s better to cancel the date than to go there in a bad mood. When you go to a meeting with black thoughts, it’s even worse than coming there in dirty and wrinkled clothes. You will direct your mood to the girl and leave the worst impression about yourself. Remember forever: everything is fine in your life. When you manage to imbue this idea, you will realize that it is. And people will reach for you themselves – they feel successful men and want to be with them.

  1.   Don’t gossip

It’s better not to discuss someone else’s personal life, problems, gossip, and other piquant situations related to anyone else. Even if your companion doesn’t know these people, it’s still bad. But telling a funny story that happened personally with you is a very good move in the conversation. It’s permissible to tell funny moments about your friends, in which they showed themselves from the good side, and they are already known to a wide circle of people – your lady will be pleased to think that you have great friends because they are a reflection of yourself.

  1.   Don’t humiliate

Never humiliate people because you show your weakness by this. Never make fun of weak people, don’t offend animals, and don’t despise poor people. You are a cool guy and you can give a fight back if something happens but the process itself doesn’t give you any pleasure. Learn to be above the crowd and love people at the same time. It is not so difficult if you understand that there is something bright and positive in each person. And as soon as you learn this, people will love you back.

  1.   Keep straight

Don’t forget about such important things as posture and gait. You have to keep your head high and don’t slouch. Are you shy about high stature? There is nothing to be ashamed of, most men are envious of you. It is no secret that a woman implicitly wants to have a man who is taller than her. So, you are very lucky – you can have girls with extra-long legs. Show everyone how tall you are. This is a virtue, not a disadvantage. Spread your shoulders, don’t shuffle your feet, walk as the owner of life – calmly and with dignity. Also, you have to always have an expression of self-satisfaction and harmony with the outside world on your face. And have the shadow of a light half-smile, which is always ready to turn into a wide-open smile if you see a person you want to smile at.

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