Mandi Journalist Gets National Award

Mandi: Munish Sood, the All India Radio correspondent from Mandi has been nominated for the National Award for his news story broadcasted on 14th May.

Munish Sood

Sood is one of the five correspondents selected from all over India for this award. His story related to a group of some thirty elderly women from the town, known as Ramayan Party, who donated Rs 1 lakh collected for their Ramayan Path towards COVID19 fund.

These ladies in their message to the general public conveyed that though this money had been gathered for some religious purpose but at this stage serving humanity was above any religious ceremony and donating it for better cause would be beneficial for the society.

Of the several initiatives from the community, this was an inspiring and motivational story about our society coming together in the fight against corona pandemic.

Prasar Bharti has initiated an incentive scheme for awarding its journalist all over India during this lockdown period. The others who bagged the National award are – Antony Muniyara from Kerla, T. Kamalakkanam from Tamil Nadu, Nanjundaswamy G.S. from Karnataka and  Harish Palwal from Udaipur.

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