BJP Expels Defiant Uttarakhand MLA From Party

Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion

Dehra Dun: Embarrassing the party, Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) on 17 July expelled Kunwar Pranav Singh Champion from the party for allegedly flaunting pistols and guns at a house party after a video of the function went viral on social media.

A PTI report states that BJP media head Anil Baluni confirmed that Champion, a Uttarakhand MLA, had been expelled from the party for 6 years. Baluni, a Rajya Sabha member said, “the party had taken cognisance of his serial misconduct and expelled him.”

Earlier he was served a show-cause notice and suspended from the party for 3 months.

The defiant legislator had contested the viral video contents in an interview with ANI, “Whats the crime ? This is a conspiracy. Is drinking alcohol and keeping licensed gun a crime ?”

It was not the first time that the flamboyant Kunwar had not run into trouble with party managers.

Another video, a few months ago, was doing the social media rounds in which Champion was seen allegedly threatening to kill a journalist. In another incident he had got into a verbal duel with another BJP MLA Deshraj Karnawal and had challenged him to a fight out a wrestling bout to settle scores.

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