Kullu To Ring New Year With Maha Aarti Of River Beas

Kullu: To sensitise the people about the importance of rivers in advancing civilization and supporting all forms of life, especially humans, the Kullu administration had decided to hold a ‘Maha Aarti’ (Grand Prayer) of River Beas at Nature Park, Mohal.

River Beas

Yunus, the district magistrate told the media know about the purpose of organising this grand worship was, “Lest we forget about role the rivers in life, the Maha Aarti is being organised to create awareness about them and the need to preserve these water bodies.”

“Our effort would be a small step toward protecting the environment. On the first day of 2019 we will hold the Aarti, a celebration that would be conducted with using any kind of plastic and no environmental harm would be done to River Beas or its surroundings,” said Yunus.

All worship process is going to be performed as per local customs to show the respect for local deities and seeking their blessings for the success of this mission. Mission to make public understand and act for protecting rivers’, he added.

Nature Park, Mohal – Kullu

Appealing all people to participate in this grand worship Yunus said, ”121 Pundits and more than 200 Bajantris (local instruments players who perform at temples or during any religious celebrations ) are likely to participating make this Maha Aarti successful. More the people would participate in this religious celebration, more the chances are of success of purpose, that is spreading the message of being aware of the value of natural water sources.”

Welcoming the move, Dr. Chandra Mohan Parsheera, president of Lahaul-Spiti Jankalyan Smiti (LSJKS) said, ”I am happy to see this neighbourhood impact. After Sangam Parv, Sutlej Aarti in 2017 and now Beas Aarti conceived in 2018. These are very important rivers of SAPT SINDHU series. Such moves serves many purposes in one go, firstly educate people about the value and need of active participation protecting nature. And secondly, keeping people especially new generations connected with our age old traditions of believing in deity culture.”

A theater artist, a script writer and a TV anchor, news is something that grips Renuka. She lives in Kullu.

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