Land Acquisition For Road Project Not Being Duly Compensated Say Protestors

Kullu: Fourlane Sangharsh Smiti (FSS) has again raised the issue about the government not doing anything regarding proper compensation for the people whose land is being used for the fourlane road project.

A meeting on the issue was held at circuit house at Kullu by FSS where anger against government was clear to see among the people for it’s lax attitude towards the victims.

Khushal Singh Thakur,  President of FSS harshly condemned the government for being a mute spectator for people’s plight who had to lost their houses, cultivativable land  and shops for the project. While talking to media, Thakur said, ”Whatever is going on today regarding fourlane project’s compensation system is totally against the land acquisition act 2013. People earlier were settled alongside national highway 21 given their valuable land believing in democracy but the way their demand for fair compensation money as per land acquisition act 2013 (providing four times rates to the  honour of land)  is continuously being ignored is enough to show the system.”

Thakur too raised the question mark on present government and said, ”People are shocked to see the apathetic attitude of present government regarding the issue. During former government of Congress in state public was expecting some favourable steps by new government resolving the issue but now they are totally left shocked and confused seeing BJP government’s reluctance towards their voice.”
Act of forcing occupying people’s houses, shops and cultivable land by authorities was harshly criticised by FSS and a requested government to come forward resolving fair compensation demand of people as soon as possible. FSS also warned government to face an anger and agitation on a huge level by fourlane victims if no appropriate decision is taken regarding the issue in coming days.

A theater artist, a script writer and a TV anchor, news is something that grips Renuka. She lives in Kullu.

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