Manali, Lahaul Celebrate Fagli Festival, Marking Start Of Spring

Manali: Fagli, a popular festival of Lahaul and Spiti, was celebrated with traditional fervour in Manali. Over the next few days the festival will continue to be celebrated in the high altitude regions of Lahaul.

This is a new year festival preceding the beginning of Tibetan calendar and is celebrated to mark the end of winter and the beginning of spring. The moonless night (Amavasya) in the month of February marks the start of Spring in the valley of Lahaul.

This festival is locally known as Kus or Kuns and is the most important festival in Pattan valley of Lahaul. 

Arun Katoch, a resident of Pattan valley said, “To mark the festivity about two feet bamboo stick is fixed on the floor and a white bed sheet is draped around it to signify an angel dressed in white. The figure called Baraza is embellished with jewellery and marigold flowers. Local delicacies are placed before it, incense is burnt, oil lamps are lit and the house is fully decorated.”

“As per ritual, the family head get up early in the morning to prepare ‘totu’ or dough of roasted barley flour and buttermilk. Totu is offered to the deities on the rooftop and then it is distributed among the family members as god’s offerings. Then the head of the family feed cows. They pay their respects to the cow and sheep to acknowledge their dependence on animals by expressing gratitude”, says Arun.

“Even in these modern times most people of Lahaul stay connected with their traditions and customs, whether they are living inside or outside the district ”, remarks Arun.

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