BJP Leaders Express Concern About Violence in Chamba

Dharamshala: Senior BJP leaders Shanta Kumar and Prem Kumar Dhumal, and Anurag Thakur, the young MP have expressed concern about the prevailing tension in Tissa area of Chamba following an alleged rape of a minor girl.

“Alleged rape of a minor is hurting and painful,” said Shanta Kumar, “the harmony among Hindus and Muslims in the area was a matter of dignity for everyone.”

Keeping a tab of the ground situation as Shanta Kumar is the MP of Kangra and Chamba, in a press release he has stated that he had spoken to the District Magistrate and the MLA of the area to take necessary steps to diffuse the tension in the area.  “The police has also been asked to take quick and appropriate action so that the culprits can be punished at the earliest, said the senior leader.


Reacting to chief minister Virbhadra Singh reported statement that BJP and RSS was inciting violence in Tissa,….

Leader of the opposition Prem Kumar Dhumal today reacted sharply by retorting that “the chief minister neither knows what to say or what to do?”


Anurag Thakur, the BJP MP from Hamirpur has lashed out at the state government over the deteriorating  law and order condition in the State.

Thakur in a communique states, “The recent heinous rape and murder crime of Gudiya, followed by a sexual harassment of a minor girl in Chamba has left the public is dismay. Failure of the state government and the police in handling Gudiya’s case has made the public loose all faith in government authorities for upholding the law and they have started resorting to taking law onto themselves.”

Heavy police deployed in Tissa Chamba to defuse a tense situation

A government handout states that a joint meeting of peace committee was held at Tissa and the issue was resolved now. “Prominent persons of both communities were present. They pledged to maintain peace and harmony,” Sudesh Mokhta, deputy commission of Chamba said. A Peace March was also taken out at Tissa.

A teacher of a government school being allegedly involved in sexually harassing a minor girl studying in Class X under Tissa Police Station  of Churrah, Chamba surfaced on 27 July that led to tension in the area.

The accused was arrested after the father of the victim reported the matter to the police but the agitated people, two days later, roughed up other teachers of the school for not protecting the harassment of minor in their school.

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