Hallan-II village catches fancy of tourists seeking summer snow in Manali valley

Manali: Misuse of a limited number of permits for Rohtang Pass has found a lot of tourists headed for Hallan II, a quiet hamlet set amidst very scenic surroundings near Manali.

It is only 45 km from Manali and can be easily reached. Most tourists who fails to reach Rohtang due non availability of permits have discovered this other spot to satisfy their quest for being close proximity of summer snow. Snow in this valley, a little above the village, stays around till end of July.

The damaged patches in the area, which experiences frequent avalanches during winter months, have been repaired by the villagers. The area is easily approachable but the tourists need to trek for about 20 minutes to reach the snowline. The villagers have also built a path and set up small bridges for the convenience of the tourists.

“We have formed a committee to serve the purpose in better way. The youths of the village and nearby areas have got a self-employment option,” president of the committee Gayatri Dutt said. He added that the road is built by a private hydel project and the management is cooperating with them.

“We are repairing the road. Small bridges have been established over the rivulets. A number of tourists are reaching here every day,” said Dutt.

The members of the committee have collected funds for maintenance of the road and the tourist spot. The local youths are regulating traffic and guiding tourists to the snow point. The committee is monitoring whether tourists are not being overcharged and NGT directions are being followed.

They have also added activities like skiing and tube sliding among others which are not allowed at Rohtang. While only 1,200 tourist vehicles are permitted to Rohtang every day, Hallan II has no such restriction. Tourists do not need to pay any permit and congestion charges of Rs 550. Also, unlike Rohtang pass, the road to this new destination is congestion-free.

Its prudent to mentation here that Manali’s Hallan II is a small, ancient village in the Kullu-Manali valley that is at an altitude of 6000 ft but provides very panoramic views of a well preserved green and snowy picturesque landscape.

The stone houses reflecting the vintage Himachali architecture and paved paths of this rural area of Manali is so beautiful that tourists once there never regret even once for coming here instead of visiting Rohtang Pass. The people of Halan II are purely attached to their ancient backgrounds and are safeguarded their surroundings so well that they look untouched even in today’s date.

Arun Kumar, a tourist from Delhi spoke to Hill Post about his experience of visiting Hallan II. “We were welcomed by the locals of the village, who had arranged everything for us. It was truly a very humbling and nice experience to get a taste of true Himachali culture in one single day, he said.

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  1. says: Shashidhar kalshetty

    I visited this place on 30th may. Because of single road there would lot of traffic jam. To reach the snow we have to struggle a lot

  2. says: Gayatri Dutt Thakur

    Thanks for your news about new snow point Halan 2 and your humble support to explore and development of this area. We all people of halan 2 apricieat you for your lovely work. We hope that you will help us in future with your lovely articles.
    Best wishes for you and your post.
    Thanks again.
    Tourism and culture Development committee Halan 2

  3. says: murali

    Hi Sanjay, Planning to visit Hallan next week. Can you help me connect me with someone there? Need some info.


  4. says: Rose Rodrigues

    Have visited this place. It’s really beautiful but to visit the snowline it does not take 20 mins, but at least 45 mins trek to reach this beautiful place. It was really an adventurous trip to Hallan specially for us. Also the villagers who act as guide are really helpful specially with young childrens and the elders.

    1. says: Ganesh thakur

      thanks for your review sir.. you can give also give reviewabout this destination on our facebook page——- Hallan-2 Tourism. we will thankful for this.

  5. says: Siddharthan

    Unless you are a trekker, do not visit this place. Road to Hallan II village is not safe.
    We chose this snow point because it was a Tuesday and we could not visit Rohtang as we had not booked earlier. Tourist cab services cheat tourists and charge 10k and above without informing them about the dangers of traveling. We paid 10k for a family of 8. It was a 5ft narrow road with taxis skidding along. As another reviewer Shashidar wrote there were several places with traffic jam. We had to wait for taxis to pass. We started at 7 AM from Manali and we reached Hallan-II at 10:30 AM. There were hundreds of cars without any proper Tourism Enquiry office or proper Toilets (rest rooms). People who had trekked upwards informed us that we should walk 10 km up to see snow. I am a healthy person and I have trekked earlier but the trekking route was so steep that I fell down twice. Disappointed and hurt, I had returned to the parking area. Searching for our cab was another herculean task because the connectivity was poor and there were a huge number of similar looking cabs. After reaching Manali, we spoke about this to the Hotel Manager where we stayed. He said that Himachal Police have banned public use of this road as it is not a government approved road. My suggestion would be to please avoid if traveling with small children below 5 years.

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