Crores Spent To Sterilize Monkeys In Himachal, None To Rehabilitate Them

Shimla: In a written reply to the assembly question Forest Minister Thakur Singh Bharmauri informed the house that the Government of Himachal Pradesh had spent Rs.3.25 crore for catching 61,436 monkeys for sterilisation during the last three years. The efforts, he told, had been made to control the menace leading to agricultural losses due to increase in their population. He also told that the state government had not resorted to monkey culling despite them being declared vermin in some areas.

Yogi Ashwani, a staunch supporter of Animal Rights quoting religious sentiments believes that Monkeys are subjected to extreme callousness at the hands of humans in the hill town of Simla. They are left hungry, pelted, electrocuted, even shot down. People justify saying that the monkeys trouble them, oblivious to the fact that it is in fact human encroachment of forests that has caused them to move to the cities. The above is a clear indicator of the rise of asuric vritti among humans.

An animal needs food and shelter. An animal that is happy if it gets its food and its children are safe cannot be killed because humans have taken over its habitats and food sources. World-over, the animals are protected. Forests are conserved and a reserve area is demarcated where these animals are provided for. If only they come out of that area are they ordered to be killed. Nowhere is such blatant killing of animals ratified. This is the asuric vritti at play.

Kill all those who trouble you, was Hitler’s formula to success. Unfortunately for him, Divine used it through the allied army….enforcing the law, you reap what you sow. Lets not forget, it was monkeys who helped Lord Ram in his battle against the asurs. Killing them would be equivalent to siding with the asurs and the fate would be similar to what was meted out to the asurs in tretayug. Killing animals unleashes great pain in the planet and breaks the ecological chain, the results would be disastrous karmically and on the area where this pain would be unleashed, they might retaliate by killing humans in revenge, this would unleash chaos and have a devastating effect on tourism and India’s image the world over.

Yogi Ashwini is the Guiding Light of Dhyan Ashram.

Having moved on after spearheading corporate communications of a large public sector undertaking, its time to give vent to the creative urges that lay suppressed for long

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