Parents allege child torture in Kullu school

Kullu: Parents of a five year old girl have complained before the sub divisional magistrate (SDM) here about alleged physical and mental torture their child Gargee, even as the school management has denied so.

Amit and Bharti Raina with Gargee
Amit and Bharti Raina with Gargee

Amit and Bharati Raina, parent of the girl child, told the media that Gargee, a student of KG class in a private school of Kullu, was being ill treated and mentally tortured at school to an extent that she is scared to join her class.

”We have been observing that for past 5 months our child is scared of her school and teacher and keeps asking in a submissive tone ‘is ma’am (class teacher ) coming here.’ From 16th August she had even stopped going to school. Taking some courage she finally confided about the ill treatment she was getting in school. Initially we tried to solve the matter by taking up the issue with school principal but the school principal and class teacher are insisting upon discipline rather than sorting out the problem,” said Amit Raina.

Teacher and School Principal

The Kullu (SDM), when contacted said that he had received a complaint. “We will look into the matter and appropriate action would be taken against anyone found guilty,” he said.

Dismissing the complaints of the parents Vimla Carbalho, the class teacher of Gargee, when contacted brushed aside the media’s queries by saying, ”I treat all students as my own children and never discriminate against anyone. If the girl (Gargee) starts coming to school I’ll treat her like my child as before, there is no need to fear anymore.’’

However, the school principal Davif took a conciliatory stance and said ”we are ready to talk to the parents and would support them on the issue.”

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