Himachal Government Floats Ad To Buy Two Turbans

Shimla: Call it bizarre, the Himachal Pradesh administration has issued advertisements to buy cloth for two turbans – at 15 times its cost.

The General Administration Department placed advertisements on May 31 in two newspapers inviting tenders to purchase 14 metres of cloth at the rate of Rs.50 per metre for two turbans to be provided to drivers.


As per the advertisement, which went viral on social media and invoked sharp criticism, the cost of the two turbans would be Rs.700.

The authorities said the advertisement was a faux pas.

General Administration Department Additional Secretary Ashwani Sharma when contacted said that it was a letter to a cloth merchant seeking quotation which “by mistake was despatched to the newspaper with other tender notices”.

Blogger Santosh Chaubey wrote: “It happens only in India.”

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