BCCI Holds Four Day Conclave At Dharamshala

Dharamshala: “Proud to announce the first ever BCCI conclaves open! Annual BCCI cricket conclave begins in Dharamshala,” Anurag Thakur disclosed on Twitter. The conclave, which started today, shall continue till 24th of June in Dharamshala. It is the first ever the BCCI meet being held here.

At the conclave the board is likely to put its seal of approval on the head coach at a working committee meeting scheduled to be held on the final day. At the moment the interview with the 21 deserving candidates is on, being conducted by cricket advisory committee (CAC), comprising former star batsmen Sachin Tendulkar, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman and the name of the selected one shall be given to BCCI President Anuraag thakur by Tomorrow.

The board had received a total of 57 responses to its advertisement for the job, and 21 of them were shortlisted for the advisory committee to review.

The BCCI’s Dharamshala conclave started with a workshop for media managers of all state cricket associations, which includes a session on digital media. This will be followed by a conference of coaches and captains, Indian Premier League (IPL) governing council, junior committee and affiliation committee meeting before the all-important working committee meeting on the final day, the BCCI announced.

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The conclave will also focus on steps to strengthen one of the biggest domestic cricket season of the world and ways to take the IPL, the fastest growing league in the world, to new heights while also deliberating on ways to make the BCCI more transparent and efficient.

“This is the first time BCCI is hosting a four-day long conclave that aims at getting all stakeholders at one place and align everyone’s thoughts for improvement of the sport,” Thakur had earlier said in a statement.

Board secretary Ajay Shirke said, “Timing of this conclave couldn’t have been better. We are about to step into one of the most exciting cricket season and this is a perfect opportunity to bring everyone under one roof and discuss ideas and how to implement them.” BCCI desire to Set up National Academy at Dharamshala

As the National cricket academy at Bangalore is seems to be less in space to meet the need of the hour , BCCi needs to set up the same in some other state. BCCI asked all the member bodies to look in the space for NCA in their areas . Most of the cricketing officials in the country desire that it should be build up in or around Dharamshala, as the climate of the area is similar to most of the other top cricketing countries like Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and England. “If our cricketers being brought up in this lovely environment, no body could beat India easily in any format of the game, “ said a top Cricket official of BCCI in Dharamshala.

On the other hand Anuraag said that the board has already requested the Congress lead Himachal Government to provide required land in or around Dharamshala, the city which is already a recognised international cricket centre.

“The Himachal Pradesh government is considering a request by the state’s cricket association to be provided with a piece of land in Dharamshala to develop a national cricket academy,” said Sudhir Sharma, who is the state urban development minister and represent Dharamshala in the state assembly.  Minister added that Dharamshala has also been chosen to be developed as smart city by the Government of India.

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