BJP Backs Kullu Manali Four Lane Road Compensation Protest

Kullu: BJP Mandi MP Ram Swarup Sharma and BJP Manali MLA Govind Singh Thakur today expressed solidarity with protesters of Kullu – Manali Four Lane Struggle Committee by participating at a protest rally here.

The committee leaders that included its president Brigadier (Retd) Khushal Thakur at the rally held on Dhalpur Ground criticized the state government for playing with public interests over compensation to be provided to people whose land had been aquired for the four lane road project.

Speaking to a large gathering, Brigadier (Retd) Thakur said,” Our committee has raised the issue of not enough compensation being awarded for the land having been compulsoraily acquired for the road project but we have only got false assurances every time. It’s about time to raise our voice more loudly to get the compensation due in accordance with Land Acquisition Act 2013.”

He accused the government that even after assuring concerned land owners about providing them appropriate compensation for acquiring their land, the state was cheating them merely to benefit some contractors.

He claimed that marking of land from Chhatenseri (near Manali ) to Manali for acquistion purposes had begun even though a proper evaluation had not been announced.

“If government’s attitude remains the same, committee could go to any extent to get justice. We are not against the government but can’t tolerate it’s attitdue as in many areas awards have been announced in accordance with prevailing circle rates,” said Brigadier (Retd) Thakur.

MP Ram Swarup Sharma and MLA Govind Thakur join Brigadier (Retd) Kushal Thakur at the Kullu Protest (Photo: Renuka Gautam)

MP Ram Swarup Sharma and MLA Govind Thakur join Brigadier (Retd) Kushal Thakur at the Kullu Protest (Photo: Renuka Gautam)

Supporting the struggle committee’s stannce Ram Swarup Sharma and Govind Thakur stated “the way government is behaving towards the affected families of the four lane road project, it shows how much they care about the people.

The duo even alleged that the central government was making enough funds available to state government, especially for the upliftment of farmers, but these funds were not being used properly.

“We would continue to support the people who are giving their land for the four lane project till they are not provided appropriate compensation,“ said Ram Swarup and Govind Thakur

The protesters later also submitted a memo to the Kullu Deputy Commissioner.

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