Two arrested in Himachal with 3 Kgs of Charas

Shimla police cracking on drug mafia!

Police on Friday arrested two persons with 3 Kgs (2.970 Kgs to be exact) of contraband Charas at Gumma, near Kotkhai in Shimla district.

Police of a night patrol chased the duo Kewal Ram and Rakesh Kumar, who attempted to flee after they were stopped for a random search. After being nabbed, a search on them turned up the large amount of charas (marijuana).

Deputy superintendent police DBU Negi said with the arrest of Kewal Ram and Rakesh Kumar, a stern message was being sent out to all drug peddlers.

The two, who belong to Sirmaur district, have been booked under the stringent NDPS Act that attracts a minimum jail term of 10 years.

The ongoing drive against drug trafficking, only recently landed kingpin Deep Ram in the police net on 26th March. Sixteen kilograms of contrabands, which included 8 Kgs of Charas and another 8 Kgs of Opium alongwith INR 3 Lakhs cash was recovered from the house of Deep Ram.

Destruction of Charas in Mandi - Himachal Pradesh
File Photo: Police taking stock of charas catches



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