Delhi Odd-Even Formula For Rohtang Top Traffic

Rohtang to be one way !

To decongest jams atop Rohtang Pass, the administration has decided to adopt the Delhi traffic formula of permitting only odd or even numbered vehicles on alternate days. The Rohtang Pass is one of the most treacherous routes in the country. Every year many travelers get stuck on it due to snow blizzards and landslides.

rohtang pass

The odd and even rule in Rohtang will be applicable to the day and not on the number of vehicles. On the odd dates, vehicles will be allowed to ply from Manali to Rohtang while on the even dates, vehicles will be allowed to ply from Lahaul to Rohtang and Manali.This decision has been taken in order to control the number of vehicles on this route as well as to reduce the number of accidents on this pass. This rule will make the Rohtang Pass a one way route.


This rule is being tried on a trial basis from 18th April to 30th April for the time being. Today, being an even day, vehicles were allowed to move from Lahaul to Manali while no vehicles plied from Manali to Rohtang. However, in exceptional and emergency situations, this rule can be relaxed, and vehicles will be allowed to move in the opposite direction too.

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