Himachal govt blamed for cancellation of Indo-Pak Cricket Match

Kullu: Security concerns forcing International Cricket Council (ICC) to shift the Indo-Pak 19th March Cricket Match from Dharamshala to Kolkata, Ambika Sood, a former president of State Women’s Commission laid the blame at the state government’s door for not being capable of handling a high tension international cricket match between India and Pakistan.

Talking to reporters here she said “It’s obvious that the government could not handle an international sports event and found a convenient excuse over hurting the sentiments of martyrs’ families to get the Indo-Pak match cancelled.Ambika Sood (left)

Ambika Sood said, “If the government really cares for martyrs and their families, it should pay due attention to their needs and problems. To help and support them this is the only way and all other things are nothing more than dirty politics. The government should stop politicising such sports events.”

She added, “the match was fixed by ICC a year ago, much before the draw of teams playing at the venue was decided but it was at the last moment that the way state government got the match cancelled allotted for Dharmshala ground which has damaged the image of Himachal Pradesh at the international level as a peaceful Indian state. This could even prove harmful for holding more international cricket at Dharamshala.”

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