A Cross Cultural Love Song (Music Video)

A visual treat, soothing music

A Nepali – Hindi love song set to soothing music is some very scenic and unspoilt locales of Himachal Pradesh comes along like a fresh breeze.

Kaanchi (Little Girl in Nepali) a music video song by Raavi Band from the production house of Snow Leopard Production has just been released on YouTube.

The song captures the conflict of a daughter-mother relationship vis-a-vis a girl-boyfriend longing that cuts across cultural and ethnic barriers.

The fusion music in the backdrop of a Nepali girl falling in love with a Kinnauri boy has been delicately brought out by director Rajeev Thakur in this video composition.

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  1. says: Roshan Chhetri

    Lol.. Being a Nepali guy (though not from Nepal but Sikkim) and married to a Kinnauri girl, I find this video quite related to my life. Interesting subject and touching video… thanks for bringing up this video 🙂

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