Badal’s, Capt Amarinder Singh to face corruption heat – Sukhpal Khaira

Punjab warms up to elections

Chandigarh: Emerging as a political force to reckon with in Punjab, AAP has declared that should the party form a government in the state, corruption cases against the Badal family and that of Capt Amarinder Singh would be taken to logical end.

AAP leader Sukhpal Singh Khaira alleged that quid pro quo between both Capt. Singh and the Badal’s is becoming more and more clear with each passing day, be it the pre planned walkover given by Congress in Khadur Sahib or the Badal sponsored acquittal of Bharat Inder Singh Chahal, the blue eyed boy of Capt. Singh.

Asking Capt. Amarinder Singh to desist from a smear campaign against AAP, Khaira added that the people were being mislead by creating a scare. “It only exposes his weak, rattled and panic state of mind,” he said.

He alleged that the Congress chief was resorting to a smear campaign against AAP by terming it a party of anarchists.punjab

Defending AAP’s ‘Inquilab’ slogan cry Khaira stated “AAP is of the firm opinion that there is nothing wrong with using the word “Inquilab”, which is not only a part of our culture but also signifies end of a tyrannical and an unjust rule. In the current situation, AAP is raising the slogan of “Inquilab” to rid Punjab of dishonest, rampantly corrupt and feudal leaders like the Badal’s and Capt. Amarinder Singh.111

He added, “the slogan “Inquilab” also means to liberate Punjab from the shackles of the two traditional parties i.e. SAD and Congress, who have only brought miseries to a glorious state like Punjab, during their many alternate stints in power. Hence, AAP trashes and debunks the maliciously false allegations of Capt. Amarinder Singh that the slogan Inquilab” will disturb the peace, as we are all well within our democratic rights to raise the slogan of “Inquilab” or a change.”

The fact is that both the traditional parties are now hand in glove to somehow prevent the emerging third force in the shape of AAP. Both the feudal families of Capt. Singh and the Badal’s are terrified that in case AAP forms the next government, corruption cases of both these families will be taken to logical conclusion, said Khaira.


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