Unique Collection Of Books On Kullu To Be Released During Dussehra

Kullu: The District Cultural Council, Kullu in association with the District Dussehra Committee is going to release three books during the International Dussehra festival, scheduled to be held from October 22 to October 28.  For the first time the beauty, culture, history, cuisine and lifestyle of Kullu will be showcased at such scale. The books will have quality comparable with international publications.

Kullu Dusshera, 2015
Kullu Dusshera, 2015

Deputy Commissioner & Chairman of District Cultural Council, Rakesh Kanwer told the first book is a coffee table book titled “A Sacred Journey”. It narrates a journey that starts at the Sun Temple in Nirath in Satluj Valley, which according to some researchers was part of the Harrappan civilization that extended to Nirmand.  The sacred journey ends at Rohtang Pass, the so called ground of the dead, after covering Nirmand, Ani, Banjar and Kullu areas. This book will not only have breathtaking and captivating photographs, but will also have interesting information. For example, Nirmand village was established by Parshuram himself who granted land to the Brahmins. The book also provides important information on earlier travelers who visited Kullu.

The second book to be showcased is based on traditional and popular cuisine available in the district. This book throws light upon the delicacies prepared in the region, including the highly popular local delicacy, fondly called ‘Siddu.’ These delicacies have waited long to draw attention from tourists. They include widely relished preparations such as ‘askalu, babru, femda and geechey‘ etc.  The book also gives details about restaurants and hotels in the district where International food is served.

The third book is an anthology of excerpts from accounts left by foreign travelers, who have visited Kullu over the last 1400 years. The book starts with the description of Ku-lu-to (Kullu) by Huen Tsang, the Chinese pilgrim of 7th century and ends with excerpts by Cristina Noble, from the last decade of the 20th century. She liked Kullu so much that she married an Indian and made Kullu her home.

Last year, Dussehra Committee had published a reference book on all deities ( devi-devtas ) of Kullu and in 2013 a coffee table book on Kullu Dussehra was published. With these three books, a complete package of five books will be available to readers interested knowing Kullu up close. Soft copy of all these books, in PDF format, will be made available on the website of Kullu Dussehra, free of cost after their release.

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