11th Free Spirit Film Festival To Begin in McLeodganj Today

McLeodganj: The 11th edition of the three day ‘Free Spirit Film Festival,’ will commence in  McLeodganj, the home in exile of his Holiness the Dalai Lama, today, 29th October. Living up to its name, the film fest is based upon the free spirit of film making, and in course of three days, will screen a total of 15 films from around the world in all genres.

According to the organizer, they have received an overwhelming response from filmmakers, crossing the number of submissions ever made during the last 10 years. They said “It was difficult to make the choices, understanding the hard works of all the filmmakers, who of course would like their films screened everywhere.”

They added:

Since we don’t choose a specific theme for the Festival, we look at each film for its originality in concept, uniqueness in presentation, and difference in approach for approving the selection. The chorus of voices from the selected films gives a natural theme to the Festival — about our own lives, beliefs and imaginations.

Most submissions this year reflect the above.  A film that should not be missed out is a documentary named, ‘Poverty Inc.’ It is based on an investigation into the multi-billion dollar western poverty industry and how it impacts the developing world.

A total of 13 Awards have been chosen by a grand jury, besides which, an Audience Award will also be given out.

Launched by Lobsang Wangyal Productions in 2004, the Film festival is also known as the McLeodganj Film Festival. It aims to stories, interests and creativity through the medium of films, especially those made by independent filmmakers.

Films will run from 29 to 31 October at the Community Centre on Bhagsu road in McLeod Ganj from 6pm.

To know more about the festival, readers can visit the official Free Spirit Film Festival Website at www.freespiritfilmfestival.com.

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