The other Modi

Not different from Narendra Modi whose brash political skills disrupted the pecking order within BJP to emerge as the undisputed leader of the party, Lalit Modi, a dark horse and a wild card entry into the world of sports management, usurped the old order to become the cricket czar who created a multi-billion dollar IPL business in just three years.

The highly toxic blend of Bollywood glamour, dancing mini skirt cheer leaders and top cricketers stars was a bloody merry toast that floored all – politicians, actors, actresses’ businessmen and anybody else who mattered.  Many of them are pointing fingers at the hunter, who is being hunted today.

 #Arun Jaitely, #Sharad Pawar, #Anurag Thakur, #N Srinivasan, #Rajiv Shukla #Sushma Swaraj #Vasurendra Raje et al have dined at the high table with Czar Lalit Modi.

Running with the hare, hunting with the hound

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Why the cover up?

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Surely we don’t expect to hear any answers to this 

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Now that the party is over, will the guys own up

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Lalit-Modi-006Disowned and abandoned, holed up in London (only allowed travel on humanitarian grounds), the cricket board members, politicians and anybody else caught in the cross fire are ducking for cover at the small trans-continental #Twitter bouncers being hurled across by the defiant LalitModi. He has guts.

The other Modi looms large over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s clean image government. Many of his cabinet and party colleagues like fully exposed in the unfolding #LalitModiGate drama. It’s a test of manhood for the 56 inch chest today.

The theater of the absurd has reached such proportions that the Rajasthan assembly has even passed a resolution.

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It has amused the humble fodder scam tainted Lalu Prasad, “The BJP is on fire. Nobody has any idea of what earthquake will come or which volcano with erupt.”

Matching Julian Assange and Edward Snowden, the LalitModi Wikileaks is exploding the stench from a corrupt Cricket World.

It’s one man against an emerging powerful nation. The domain of the resident Modi is being challenged and under fire. ‘It’s a War’ and the general never sleeps – tweets Lalit Modi.

The IPL (Indian Premier League) was his brainchild and the party was good. As the unquestioned Czar of the format and sport when he was around the country, Lalit Modi was defiant even then.

When a general parliamentary election came in the way of holding the cricket bonanza and the country security establishment expressed its inability at providing security for holding of the cricket league, Lalit Modi brashly decided to pull the event out of the country and hosted it in scenic South Africa; something that has come to haunt him and others today.

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Something like Kerry Packer, the Australian media Mughal before Robert Mudroch, when he definitely launched a one-day international cricket series by dumping the national and international cricket associations, Lalit Modi also unleashed the animal spirits both on field and off-field by launching a new format of the good old gentleman’s game.

When breaking from the Test Match tradition, Kerry Packer had famously said, “There is a little bit of ***re in each one of us, gentlemen name me your price.”

The price that #IPL and #LalitModi have paid is leaking is silent Tweets from London but is causing loud noise in India, leaving some without shirts and many more sleepless.

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Post Script

Stumped, the media and the government don’t how to react to the explosive disclosures that Lalit Modi continues to make. (Updated 11 a.m. 24.6.2015)

A freeloaders party

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Questions that are screaming for answers 

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What is conflict of Interest, if not this?

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Living Life King Size

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Catching India’s biggest media house Times of India owner for paid news with allegations of Blackmail 

Image 8

The high flying IPL parties were great business (Rs 2.5 Crore) for India top Media house 

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