NH10 – a revenge drama (Movie Review)

The subtleties in NH10 make the movie real and believable to some extent.  It is a revenge drama centred on a couple who happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Navdeep Singh the director has a solid base of admirers who were blown over by his vision after watching Manorama Six Feet Under. He manages to deliver NH10 with the same cut- glass precision that ensures that there is no dull moment in the movie. The most remarkable quality of the movie is it’s pace. The events unfurl quickly and fall in to place almost perfectly.

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The story revolves around a young successful couple that lives in the capital and decides to takes a small trip to the countryside on NH10. The events that follow create circumstances which force the main leads to take one drastic step after another. Neil Bhoopalam, plays the frivolous typical Delhi husband, who likes to pick up a fight to prove a point. He manages to get noticed in his small but significant role.


Meera or Anushka Sharma, is a successful young woman, who comes face to face with her dark and evil side by the time the movie climaxes. Anushka Sharma has been one of the most consistent and hard working actresses in the industry today. Her choice of scripts and her debut venture as a producer, only go to prove that this young lady just does not have drop gorgeous looks, she also has a sound head on her shoulders. Her character evolves from a woman in control of her life to someone who lets go of all her inhibitions to take revenge. Indian audiences are finally accepting women oriented and women in main lead movies. One major reason to watch the movie is Anushka Sharma. She is a brilliant actress who manages to deliver a stellar performance every time.

The supporting cast is well-chosen and sustain the basic storyline very efficiently. However, Deepti Naval, is such a waste in the movie. The music of the movie by Karan Gour is not memorable, but is apt for the screenplay and the events that take place in the movie. The cinematography by Arvind Kannabiran, is worth a praise. He manages to bring to life the most basic countryside in North India.


The movie also dwells on the issue of honor killing. There are some very disturbing scenes that will raise the hair on the back of your neck for sure. The tragedy of the movie is that the censor board has chopped of 13 minutes from the climax, since they found it too disturbing for the audiences. A revenge drama is supposed to be disturbing, isn’t it?

We would specially like to mention Romy, Shrikant Desai and Angevin from the make-up and design department, who are meticulous in depicting the characters, with believable make-up. There could be a furious debate on whether the climax could have been more gory, with shots of the guts sprawled out. Or is the closing shot where Anushka kills the main villain in cold blood good enough. For those of you who are die hard fans of “ I spit on your grave” and Kill Bill, will feel betrayed by the climax for sure. On second thoughts had those thirteen minutes been included, all those psycho lunatics on the roads would have thought twice before taking a “panga” from a desi girl. Go watch the movie only if you like revenge chase dramas, with gory scenes and violent action. Or else just watch it for Anushka Sharma finally come of age.

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The movie definitely provokes some afterthoughts, once you leave the theatre. How do you get past a trajedy like this? Can it happen to any one of us? Is it possible to pick up the threads and move on?

Trivia – Anushka pawns a stunning watch in the movie and says it is for about 2 lakhs. In reality it is a Panerai black and rose gold, priced around 45 lakhs. You might see her beau Virat Kohli sporting it sometimes.

We give the movie 2* +1 * for Anushka’s performance

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