Mr Prime Minister you disappointed me

Narendra Modi Ji,

You are the prime minister of largest democracy of the world while I am a part of the democracy, another thing which is common between you and me is we both are Swayamsewak but Mr. PM – You disappointed me.

On May 16, your party won the Loksabha election that was not a simple victory but people’s vote of trust given to you to run the country on a development agenda, to generate employment, curb inflation and for several other ‘Aam’ aspirations. You may have won accolades on the international front, because this may be their need or greed but what about my vote of trust. You may have done several works backstage but results are yet to seen.

ModiYour party lost the Delhi poll. Winning three seats seems equal to zero AND who is responsible for this debacle. A long debate was going on that BJP cadre did not vote but I disagree. BJP’s vote was very much with the BJP but the BJP leadership failed to convince the neutral voters and it was your failure too. you addressed few rallies but did not address the real issues and instead attempted to lure the people by your meeting with Obama or something else.

In the Lok Sabha election, you talked about the common man and convinced people but soon after that you riding the people’s confidence are building your image. Where are the ‘Achey Din’ and worse is when you do not even mention common issues in your speeches. I was surprised to listen my prime Minister who was talking about Obama before those suffering from various day to day issues.

Several blunders had been made under the leadership of Amit Shah and you just gave the silent nod without considering what consequences it would have. What was the need to ‘import’ bunch of leaders from other parties when you have a grounded cadre with full commitment. Have you forgotten, this was the same cadre who brought you to power in Delhi? But you opted to rely upon those who had been abusing BJP and right wing organizations since long and even till few days before.

Why have you failed to snub ultra-right people who have been talking nonsense. Why so called ‘Big’ leaders are still ruling the party and have influence in the government and why the rift is visible within the party and the government. There are a lot of questions being raised but you can answer by just delivering whatever you have promised with focus on governance. Remember, it was not only cadre that voted for you but common man of society also voted with several hopes.

Despite all this, I still have faith in you and not only me several others who even voted for AAP Delhi also have faith in you. Do not betray us, bring discipline in the party. I have no personal interest. I think, you also believe “Idam rashtraya Shawaha, Idam an mam” All is devoted for the nation, nothing is for myself – nobody is asking you to deliver in one year but refrain from such blunders because country needs lot of things to be done. It is not harm of you, me or few others but loss of country.


 A fellow RSS Swayamsewak

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  1. says: sangeeta mishra

    True, it is really disappointing to see that how bjp has forgotten their very own supporters/workers who were always with the party in its thick n thin. Its high time for our prime minister to rain check otherwise we will loose all our hopes with him.

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