For those who like to live precariously – Modular Housing on the cliff edge

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Living on the edge was never so literal. Check out this Cliff House, designed by Modscape Concept, which is sure to bewilder you with amazement. When you approach this modular home from the land you will only be able to see the fifth level of the home. Yes it has five storeys!

The idea was conceived when Emma and David, who owned this beautiful piece of cliff, wanted to know their options for building their dream vacation home in the Southwest Coast of Victoria. A large percentage of Australians are now showing a growing interest in building homes on this rocky coast.

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As obvious this particular demand of the client could not have been met by conventional architects and a modern age approach was required. The barnacles cling to the hull of the ship for life and don’t let go no matter what. The same concept was the source of inspiration for the designers. They decided to build a house that extended out of the cliff, rather than perching over the edge. The drop off the cliff and the water below were sure to add to the melodrama and the excitement.

The house was prefabricated and installed with the help of steel pins. The design allowed entry from the top floor, which is also a carport for two cars. There is a lift that connects all the five storeys and the living spaces have minimal furniture in order to keep the view of the sea unobstructed. Don’t underestimate this house in anyway, as it offers two bedrooms, a dining and kitchen, living area, an identified area for barbeque and a spa too.

The sun and the sea are the primal focus point, of this exceptional piece of architecture.

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Via: Weburbanist

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