Mr. Fahrenheit, concrete plumbing pipes for candle holders

Plumbing pipes for candle holders_1

Merel Bekking, a Dutch Designer was always fascinated by pipes used for plumbing and their twists and curves.  While studying styles that offer solution at the Art Academy in Utrecht, she decided to take the inspiration one step further by producing the pipes in concrete.

First glance they look like household pipes, look closer and you will be impressed by the designers vision of something so simple, yet so useful. The brass rings on the layout make the concrete look even more authentic and also provide a threading to keep the candles in check.

Although, Bekking had created this unique piece for herself almost a year before, she later she deiced to offer it to the public  by getting into a partnership with Sweatshop Delux. A well known design label, reputed for offering young budding Dutch designers an ideal platform for sending their handmade creations for manufacturing.

Next time you want to add a creative twist to your immediate space, look around and you might draw inspiration from the simplest objects around you. Mr.Fahrenheit taking the romance of candles to a whole new level.

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Source: Design-milk

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