Milieu for a personalized and relaxing bath, every time

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Milieu is the key to better bathing experiences each time, every time. It is a modern age technological solution to ensuring that your baths are as personalized and comfortable as possible. This decade has seen innumerable inventions for the bedrooms, the kitchen and the living, but none for the washroom.

Fernanado Montero, with his creation Milieu, aims to make bathing an experience you look forward to. This Spanish designer has created an interactive device that allows you to custom design your own bath.

Attach this chic looking circular gadget anywhere near the shower or even on the bath tub. Feed in the desired settings and watch it control the flow of the water and the temperature according to your desires.

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The handy display will notify you of the flow and the temperature at all times. If you see a smiley go ahead and unwind as that implies that you are entering a zone of ideal personalized conditions.

Sync it with your smart phone and you can also listen to music while scrubbing yourself down. And you won’t be missing out any important calls as the voice activated front microphone will let you take any calls without stepping out of the shower.

And we’re not done yet, after a long tiring day pre schedule your bath from your car, tube, or office using the Smartphone. Come home to a hot bath and wash away your stress. This innovation is all set to take the bathing experience to a whole new level.

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Millieu can actually save your last bath settings and run the water for you exactly the way you like it, next time. It actually mimics conventional faucets and gives off a light ring once the temperature changes. It comes with a stand that allows users to place it on the bath tub. It also tells you if you have had a water efficient bath and mind you it rates you too.

Changing the settings is as simple as lifting it up or down. Millieu, making users water efficient and also offering them premium bathing experiences.

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