Lets read on the beach or in the tub with our KOBO Aura H2O


If you have been longing to read your favorite book on the beach, in your bath or even in your bed? But have always avoided reading, in these places in fear of damaging your e-reader with moisture or dust. We have very good news for you, we offer you The Kobo Aura H20.

The only e-reader in the market with a premier dustproof and waterproof design. And you don’t need to worry about charging it time and again as the battery lasts for almost 2 months on the go.

So next time you drop your Kobo in the bath or your child spills his milk on it, don’t fret just use the included dry cloth and wipe it dry. Now go back to reading, pretending that nothing happened.

Technically speaking due to its IP67 certification, it can stay under water for almost 30 minutes and in a depth of not more than a meter.

The Kobo ebook waterproof reader will hit the stores on 1st October and is priced at $179.99. It will be first available in the US, followed by Europe and other countries. The 6.8-inch Carta E-Ink multi touch screen is sure to impress the toughest of the critics. It also comes with a power packed 1Ghz processor and has enhanceable storage space of 4GB.

The Kobo Reading Life is an additional feature in this e-reader, which promises to deliver a custom made high class reading experience. Readers can use this feature to collect, share, discover and read.

Ardent readers are sure to love this product, as it also guides them on their average reading speed, to make notes and even organize their inbuilt library according to their own free will. Due to its connectivity to the Internet via WiFi, users can also share content on any social site.

There will be no more excuses for not reading, as the Kobo Aura H2O, offers book worms the freedom to read wherever they please. Last but not the least, reader’s can also browse through the Kobo Books section and check out more than 4 million free books.

Reading is one of the simplest pleasures in life and the Kobo Aura H20, promises to make it a memorable one.

Via: Telegraph

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