Have your high tea, high up on the Ridged Roof Furniture by Aine Bunikyte’s

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Having a meal or your favorite cup of coffee on your personal terrace , is something we all secretly long for. But most of us live in houses with roofs which offer no private or cozy space under the sky. And mind you they offer no views too.  But Aine Bunikyte’s, from Lithuania is all set to make your meals on the roof dreams, come true.

She has designed most minimalist and fantastic Ridge Roof Furnitue. The basic design consists of a table with two chairs that are attached to a ladder. The ladder is actually bent down, and can be placed on the ridge of the roof.

The dining set is as sturdy as an elephant and offers you undisrupted views of the sky and around. While designers were busy doing up the interiors, Aine Bunikyte’s thought of sprucing up the exteriors. The humble traditional roof has found another use bedsides providing protection.

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The design is unconventional but it sure is an excellent use of space. She rekindles the dream of city dwellers to have some private time and sit in peace and quiet. The table in Perspex is waterproof and very lightweight. They are also incredibly transparent, making sure that you never forget where you are sitting. It can attach to any building and the patent is yet to be awarded to this crazy invention.

It is still to be seen if it will actually appeal to users, or will their fears of safety and possible accidents be more dominant.

 Roof Furniture by Aine Bunikyte_2

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