American grill – When you want to throw a part for eight with beer taps and music on board

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Barbeques with friends and family in the back yard, is one of America’s most favorite past time’s. But their appetites for charred and juicy meats, seems to be out growing the conventional grills. In order to fix that problem we today offer you America’s Finest Grill. And no its not just a fancy name, it’s a grill that is actually built over a trailer that is nineteen feet long.

Ball Park and Discovery Digital Networks have come together in a partnership to create this mind blowing grill, for an online program that aims to look for the America’s Finest Grill. Patrick Norton will host this unique program at a small scale.

On your first glance you first notice that it has been painted in the colors of the flag in white, blue and red. There is also a small spot identified to place a real flag, for the meat loving patriots.

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The grill is made of heavy duty stainless steel, with seven burners. There is a dining table to serve your ware and stools too. It also features a mini fridge, with built in beer taps. There is also provision for playing your favorite music with the help of a Bluetooth controlled wireless sound system. Serve your condiments under a miniature of Mount Rushmore. Now check out the images to know that its really true.

Just tow the trailer at the back of any vehicle and stop at any location you please and let the party begin. But this is no crowd funding campaign for which you can place a pre order. To win this beauty you need to submit an image via Instagram and explain exactly why you are worthy of it. As for now check out the video and let your senses salivate.

Ballpark Trailer Grill_3

For those of you who like it in back and white, the America’s Finest Grill, has space for 100 hot dogs at one time. There is also place identified for veggies grate, rib inserts, kebabs and rods for searing. The rotisserie is motorized and has surprisingly very stable grids too.

Ball park and Discovery are inviting food connoisseurs to try their new range the Park’s Finest, which includes some very interesting varieties. For those of you who cant wait to get on to this meaty trailer, send in your entries using #FinestGrillMaster.

Remember only the lucky ones  get to eat the meat, while others need to take a seat.

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Via: Foodbeast

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