This smartwatch from Ritot, will project your alerts right on your hand.

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Smart watches are ready to take on the world after smart phones. The iWatch from Apple is one of the most awaited gadgets in the market today. The wristband concept from Ritot is sure to raise the bar by quite a few levels, when it comes to the concept of being connected at all times. Imagine a wrist band that projects incoming calls, notifications, time and even e mails onto your hand.

Such is the demand for a projection watch in the market that Ritot has managed to accumulate a funding of a staggering $375,000 on its website Indiegogo. In other words the consumers are ready for the next giant step in technology, the smart watches.

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In the watch from Ritot, a pico projector is used to display content on to the top of the hand. The company will launch this bracelet in three models, one that will be a plain unisex in aluminum and another that will be available in four colors. Customers can choose from a black and gold, brown-gold, black or white model. Sports enthusiast will also get a plastic version, in blue and yellow, red, green, white and black in color. This product of innovation and technological brilliance is priced at $120  and will be ready to be shipped in 2015.

Users can connect this bracelet to their smart phones, and get notifications projected onto their hand along with a vibration alarm. See your notifications pop up directly onto your hand. And remember once you read any alert, just shake your hand and it disappears. The watch has an inbuilt button that is touch sensitive to manipulate the notification or alert.

As expected the watch from Ritot is compatible with Windows, Android and iOS devices.  And don’t worry about charging it, as it has its own unique wireless charger too. With a growing demand for smart watches the concept of projection seems unique to Ritot for now.

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Via: Mashable

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