Nepalese Laborers Leave A Murder Trail In Himachal Apple Heartland

Shimla: Nepalese nationals, who mostly work in orchards in apple heartland have left a bloody trail in Jubbal valley of Shimla hills as on Jai Bhadhur allegedly brutally murdered his wife and two children on last night night.

Only last week another Nepalese labourer had asaulted and killed the wife and son of an orchard owner in same region.

District police chief  DW Negi, after visiting the murder site near Kharapattar said, “The accused has been identified and it is only a question of time before he will be arrested.”

Axe Murders: Art Courtesy Ruben Martinez
Axe Murders: Art Courtesy Ruben Martinez

About the motive behind the murder he said, “it appeared to be a motiveless murder where a normal husband and wife quarrel could have provoked the murderous action.’

The accused Jai Bhadhur (40) after the midnight hour is said to hit wife Krishna (38) with an axe and also killed their two children, a five year old girl and a two month old son.

There were three other children in the labour hut, daughters of the accused said to be from his first wife, whom he did not harm. After committing the crime the accused has been absconding.

Dalip Singh, brother of Krishna, after visiting the hut in the morning informed the police about the crime.

Where the police have deployed search teams to nab the triple murder accused, Gujjar tribesman living in high altitude pasturelands with their herds have nabbed a Nepalese, who is the prime suspect is a double murder case that was committed last less than a week ago (10.7.2014) at Chhajpur in Pabbar valley in Jubbal area.

“The double murder accused is now in police custody,” said DW Negi. Gujjar tribesman nabbed the accused and have handed him over to the police, he informed.

The accused, whose sketch police had released yesterday, had also used an axe to hack down Sudha Devi (45) and her son Krishan Chand (26), wife and son of an orchard owner who had engaged the services of the Nepalese as a labourer for the upcoming apple harvest.

Motive behind the brutal murder was not known but the accused, a family man, had managed to escape from the crime site with his wife and five children.

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