GIA to conduct 5-day diamond course in Shimla from June 9

Shimla, May 22: The world’s foremost authority in gemology, Gemological institute of America (GIA) is scheduled to conduct a practical five day education programme on diamonds here in Shimla on June 9.


It’s a rare opportunity for the local jewelers in Shimla, and diamond hobbyists and connoisseurs to upgrade their knowledge about the precious stone and learn about the qualities that make it so valuable. People attending the programme will also get a chance to take tips from the world’s leading diamond experts.

GIA is a non-profit institute that was first established in 1931. It came to India as recently as 2004 and set up the first country campus in Mumbai. GIA is recognized the world over for inventing the 4C’s diamond evaluation system. This system, which was developed in the early 1950s, helps evaluate the true worth of a diamond, based on the 4C’s – Color, Cut, Clarity and Carat Weight.

Mr. Pankaj Johari the GIA students from Delhi said that:

GIA has taught such aspects of diamonds that I was earlier not aware of. I was now more confident in handling customer queries, smarter in purchasing and selling. Overall, it has helped me increase my customer satisfaction and trust level.

Through the training programme, the locals here can get valuable insights about diamond evaluation and also learn about the impact diamond treatments can have upon the appearance of the stone. Qualified GIA instructors will conduct sessions with jewellery enthusiasts in the town and share with them global trends, updates and give them tips and advice on buying and selling diamond.

Through persistent research carried out in gemological laboratories set up across the globe, the institute is dedicated to spread awareness and educate the world community about diamonds.

Besides developing the 4C’s, the institute is also accredited for creating the International Diamond Grading SystemtTM, which is today recognized by virtually every professional jeweler in the world.

GIA does not directly carry out sales of diamonds. Being an independent institute, it provides an impartial evaluation on the quality of diamonds.GIA has one of the world’s most comprehensive research progamme.

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